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Enterprise Procure to Pay System

Vendor Portal and Vendor Management

Since 1999...  Managing millions of Assets

TRAXX is a comprehensive Fixed Assets Management Solution. We are implementing fixed asset management solutions since 1999. TRAXX is the evolution of many thousand man hours of development with feedbacks from some of the best fixed asset managers serving with our esteemed customers like GE, TESCO & HONEYWELL.

CartIQ simplifies the entire procure to pay processes. Vendor Management is one of the key tenets in procurement

Vendor Management

CartIQ manages the entire life cycle of fixed assets from procurement to retirement. 

Our cloud-based software offers a suite of tools that streamlines the entire process from start to finish. With our cutting-edge technology, you can easily manage your accounts, monitor performance, and collaborate with your team. 

Try TRAXX today to experience seamlessness supplier engagement.

Vendor Onboarding

Our system offers a seamless vendor onboarding process, enabling organizations to easily add new vendors, conduct background checks, and verify their credentials.

Reports and Dashboard

Our system provides real-time visibility into vendor performance through customizable dashboards and reports. This helps organizations make data-driven decisions and improve their procurement processes.

Audit Trail

Our system maintains a complete audit trail of vendor transactions, including purchase orders, invoices, and payments. This ensures transparency and accountability in vendor relationships and helps organizations stay compliant with regulations.

Reports and Dashboard

Our system provides real-time visibility into vendor performance through customizable dashboards and reports. This helps organizations make data-driven decisions and improve their procurement processes.

Communication and Alerts

Our system enables organizations to communicate with vendors through email and alerts. This helps organizations keep vendors informed of purchase orders, delivery schedules, and other important updates.

Vendor Ratings

With our vendor rating and performance analysis tools, organizations can assess vendor performance based on key metrics such as quality, cost, delivery, and compliance. This helps organizations identify top-performing vendors and address performance issues proactively.

Bidding Transparency

Our system provides a transparent bidding process with multiple vendors. This allows organizations to compare bids and select the best vendor based on cost, quality, and other criteria.

Goods Receipt

CartIQ is a software solution that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our platform helps streamline essential processes such as goods/service receipt, asset management and tracking, and vendor management. We have developed an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to monitor and manage all your transactions in one place. With TRAXX, you can easily manage your workflow and improve your productivity.

Request For Quotation/Proposal 

Our system offers an easy-to-use interface for creating RFQs (Request for Quotations). Organizations can easily create, manage, and track RFQs for various products and services. Our system also supports the creation of RFQ templates for standardized procurement processes.

PO Generation

PO (Purchase Order) creation can be done dynamically, allowing organizations to create POs based on approved requisitions or RFQs. POs can be created and customized with specific terms and conditions, delivery schedules, payment terms, and more.


Payment features are an essential component of our procurement to payment software, ensuring that vendors are paid accurately and on time, while reducing the risk of fraud and errors. With payment features in place, businesses can streamline their payment process and improve their relationship with suppliers

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Are You Ready for comprehensive Procurement to Retirement Automation?

Evolution is the best way to

TRAXX is the one of time-tested Asset
Management Systems with its first installation in 1999. This product is an evolution of over ten thousand man hours with feedbacks from some of the best asset managers serving for companies such as Bank of America, Honeywell, Deloitte, E&Y,GE and ANZ. With over 600 installations today, TRAXX is a highly perfected Asset Management Solution.

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