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Asset Tags

Unique Asset Identifiers, QR Code, GPS, and RFID Tags

Group Prefixes & Suffixes

Custom prefixes and suffixes in p2r allow for the configuration of unique asset identifiers based on different asset groups and sub-groups.

UAID - Unique Asset Identifier

p2r's UAID engine generates unique alphanumeric identities for each asset, incorporating information such as asset group, sub-group, and purchase date. These UAIDs can fulfill multiple compliance requirements.

TAG Design

p2r enables customizable asset tags that include the unique asset identifier (UAID) and can incorporate customer logos. The size of the tags can also be chosen according to preference.

Barcode and QR Code

p2r supports barcode and QR code generation, compatible with standard printers. Customers can easily print batches of tags and use standard 2D or 1D readers, including our mobile application, for tag scanning.


p2r integrates with standard RFID writers and allows for easy writing of UAID into RFID tags. Standard RFID antennas can be used for tracking asset movements.

Metal, Ceramic & Fabric Tags

For specific use cases, such as high-temperature environments, p2r offers pre-printed tags like ceramic tags suitable for factory settings.

Benefits of Asset Tags



Customers can define their own nomenclature based on the Fixed Asset Management policy for automatic generation of asset identifiers.


The UAID in asset IDs includes prefixes for asset groups and additional details like procurement year and vendor, providing information about asset.

Batch Print

p2r enables batch printing of asset tags, allowing customers to select and print tags for specific sets or groups of assets.


p2r eAM integrates with standard Barcode and QR code printers and readers, as well as RFID readers and writers of the customer's choice.

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Streamlined Procurement at Your Fingertips

p2r is a user-friendly and highly customizable browser-based enterprise procurement platform. Leveraging advanced web technologies, p2r ensures reliability, stability, and security.


Accessible from anywhere through a browser and the cloud, p2r simplifies and enhances the procurement process for organizations.



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