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Asset Tracking

Asset In-warding, Inter & Intra Unit Movements, Repairs, and Asset Disposals

30+ Years Of Experience

350+ Successful Product Installations

2M+ Assets Managed

500+ Global Clientele

In-warding of Assets

p2r enables tracking and acceptance of goods and services with strict quality control, including delivery in multiple lots and locations.

Asset Request

Employees can request assets through p2r, with requests going through an approval process based on configurable hierarchies based on the type of asset and cost.

Asset Allocation

Approved asset requests result in allocation to employees based on ownership or custodianship, as defined by the organization's asset maintenance policy.

Internal (Intra Unit) Transfer

Asset movements within a building or campus follow a streamlined workflow with minimal approval levels, exempt from statutory compliance processes.

External (Inter Unit) Transfer

Transferring assets between locations requires adherence to asset transfer policies, compliance checks, and proper packaging. p2r ensures multi-level approval workflow and generates necessary documents.

External Repairs

For asset repairs outside the organization, p2r ensures compliance with returnable asset movement policies and alerts stakeholders if assets exceed the designated time.

Compliance Documents

Electronic or physical goods inward/outward notes are created after successful approvals, serving as audit compliance records.

Assets on Transit

Transit time is preset for each category of asset movement, and reports track assets in transit. Stakeholders are notified if assets exceed the expected transit time, minimizing loss possibilities.

Asset Disposal

p2r offers an e-auction facility to maximize income from the sale of used items, with sale values recorded in finance records to determine profit or loss against depreciated book value.

Benefits of Enterprise Asset Tracking



Traxx utilizes the latest browser-based technologies, optimized databases, and middleware tunings, ensuring a multiuser solution. Our team continuously enhances user-friendliness and provides training to maximize the benefits.


p2r EAM offers a long-term solution for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, providing control and tracking of asset changes throughout their life-cycle. It eliminates the use of spreadsheets and meets corporate governance regulations.


p2r FAM enables quick turnaround of asset requests, ensuring timely delivery to employees and optimizing productivity. It helps organizations devise efficient movement policies with SLAs, tracking them for continuous improvement.

Finance Asset

p2r FAM ensures the accurate representation of fixed assets and their value in finance registers. It controls asset movement processes, tracks retirement, and maintains alignment between physical assets and finance registers for true representation.

Cost Savings

Asset management is key to expenditure control, eliminating unnecessary spending on items already owned, non-existent items, maintenance and licensing charges for unused software, and lease penalties. Hence, asset management is the key to expenditure control.


p2r EAM is a highly perfected Asset Management Solution with over 400 installations today. It is developed through extensive feedback from top asset managers and over ten thousand man-hours of evolution since its first installation in 1999.

p2r -
Streamlined Procurement at Your Fingertips

p2r is a user-friendly and highly customizable browser-based enterprise procurement platform. Leveraging advanced web technologies, p2r ensures reliability, stability, and security.


Accessible from anywhere through a browser and the cloud, p2r simplifies and enhances the procurement process for organizations.



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