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SINCE 1999 …

Our Browser Based products have been providing World Class solutions for Service Management, Asset Management and Tracking and Compliance Management for over two decades. Our customers include many in Fortune 500 like Honeywell, GE, TESCO, EY and Deloitte.

Configurable Helpdesks

RCS TRAXX manages the entire life cycle of service tickets from multiple departments of an organisation. IT service tickets, requests for servicing fixed assets or any service related tasks can be managed using TRAXX.

TRAXX can also service requests related to accounts receivables, health care or any other enterprise function including requests for transport.

Each department can configure its own Helpdesk with escalation matrix.

Escalation Matrix

Escalations can be configured based on severity and priority of a ticket. Levels of escalation can vary with the criticality of the ticket. Elapsed time between escalation levels can also be configured based on multiple configurable factors.

User Feedback

Users can send feedback at any level of the resolution process. These are collated to analyse service levels and efficiency of agents. 

Service Level Analysis 

Service level analysis is a process of measuring the way each ticket is resolved. Metrics like agent availability, response time, resolution time, customer satisfaction and cost are analysed by TRAXX and visual data is provided to the customer to analyse and improve.


Service level analysis can help improve customer loyalty, operational efficiency  and profitability.

Service Desk

UNIDSK is a comprehensive Enterprise Service Management System. It has multiple helpdesks and SLAs. Agents can be intimated directly on service requests. UNIDSK can automate many manual processes in an Organization.UNIDSK has dashboards to view critical data on different processes which can help analyse root cause and improve continiously.

Cloud Tickets

UNIDSK is Browser Based, User Friendly and Customizable. Advanced web technologies are used for Reliability, Stability and Security.
It can be accessed from anywhere using a browser through Cloud.

Versatile & Secure 

Latest browser based technologies, database optimisations and middle- ware tunings have made Traxx a highly efficient multiuser solution.


Our team is consistently working on user friendliness and implementing look and feel changes making it a pleasant experience for Traxx users.


Our Education and Training team spent hours in developing and delivering courses to help our users understand all the features of Traxx in limited time.

Customer Experience

TRAXX is the evolution of many thousand man hours of development with feedbacks from some of the best fixed asset managers serving with our esteemed customers


While processes are important for any organisation, it is important to track their efficiency. TRAXX can collate data on how efficiently different functions use these processes to resolve issues.

It can also track the service levels of different agents in a resolution process.

Service Ticket Lifecycle


Our processes are time tested and robust. They comply with all standard statutory requirements. These processes improve asset utility and reduce asset pilferage. As asset availability is always online, customers can avoid unnecessary procurement. Assets can be allocated easily and rapidly.



We help our customers not only with software, but also design and configure their service management platform.

We integrate legacy systems for seamless dataflow between different functions.

We also provide expert TRAXX administrators to manage service-desk functions.

Business Meeting

Priority & Severity

Priority and severity are two terms that are used to classify and prioritize service issues or defects. Severity refers to the technical impact of an issue on the application functionality, while priority refers to the business impact of an issue on the customer requirements.

For example, a high-severity issue might cause a system crash or data loss, while a low-severity issue might cause a minor error or typo. A high-priority issue might affect a large number of users and revenue, while a low-priority issue might affect only a few users or have no financial impact⁴. Priority and severity are usually based on the criteria of impact and urgency.

TRAXX has configurable priority and severity levels based on ticket types.

An escalation matrix is a system that defines who to contact and when to escalate a service issue to a higher level. It helps to provide clarity, reduce wait time and resolve tickets with maximum efficiency.

An escalation matrix consists of different levels of contact based on the severity and priority of a problem. For example, a low-priority issue might be handled by a first-level support agent, while a high-priority issue might be escalated to a manager or an expert.

TRAXX has configurable escalation levels based on severity and priority leve of a ticket.

Abstract Futuristic Background


improvement through periodic Service-level analysis


- Set a baseline by looking at your current SLAs and how you're performing against them.

- Ask for feedback from your customers and stakeholders on what they expect and value from your service.


- Build a draft of new SLAs based on the results of the previous steps and align them with your business goals and capabilities.


- Get support from management and communicate the new SLAs to your team and customers.


- Monitor and measure your SLAs using metrics such as service availability, response time, resolution time, customer satisfaction, and cost⁵.


- Review and improve your SLAs regularly based on performance data and changing needs.

TRAXX provides visual models of service levels across departments and functions for customers to plan improvements continuously. 


A knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information that helps customers and agents find answers to common service issues or questions.


A knowledge base is part of a knowledge management practice, which is the process of creating, curating, sharing, using, and managing knowledge across an organisation.


A knowledge base can benefit service management of an organisation by providing more consistent service, higher resolution rates at first contact, lower training costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

TRAXX has configurable knowledge base for different functions and support activities of an organisation.

Our Numbers Speak


Years of Experience


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Our Esteemed Customers. Logos are their respective Trademarks.


Are You Ready for comprehensive Procurement to Retirement Automation?

Evolution is the best way to

TRAXX is one of time time-tested Asset Lifecycle Management Systems with its first installation in 1999. This product is an evolution of many thousand man hours of coding with feedbacks from some of the best asset managers serving for companies such as Bank of America, Honeywell, Deloitte, E&Y, GE and ANZ. With over 600 installations today, TRAXX is a highly perfected Fixed Asset Management Solution.

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