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Simplified Procurement
to Retirement Solutions

Efficiently procure, manage and track your assets with our advanced software application

30+ Years Of Experience

350+ Successful Product Installations

2M+ Assets Managed

500+ Global Clientele

About RCS Traxx

Industry-Leading Procurement & Fixed Asset Management Software Since 1999

TRAXX is a comprehensive procurement, fixed asset management, and ticketing software that has been at the forefront of the industry since 1999. With countless hours of development and invaluable feedback from esteemed customers such as GE, TESCO, and HONEYWELL, TRAXX represents the evolution of efficient procurement automation & fixed asset management solutions.

Proven, Robust Processes that Meet Statutory Requirements: Our processes have stood the test of time and are built on a solid foundation of reliability and compliance. We adhere to all standard statutory requirements, ensuring that our operations are conducted with utmost professionalism and integrity.

Trusted by Popular Companies

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Our Modules

Functional Modules:
Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency

We offer vendor evaluation and onboarding, collection of compliance-specific data, access to our procurement platform, and rewards for evaluated vendors.

P2P -
Procure to Pay

TRAXX offers end-to-end p2p functionality - purchase requests, auctions, vendor comparison, order awards, goods receipt, payments, GRN/SRN generation.


Our SOX/STP/CT3/SEZ module automates compliance adherence for peace of mind. It generates compliance reports from TRAXX, streamlining the process.

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TRAXX complies with IASB accounting standards as the standard-setting body of the IFRS Foundation and allows customizable depreciation to suit organizational policies.


We track and allocate assets to users and locations, transferring them to employees or locations based on configuration and moving them between office locations.

& Verification

Efficiently brand assets with UAID using compliant barcode/RFID tags. Our team tags assets and locations for easy compliance, verification, and auditing.


Self-audits are triggered periodically using our Audit module. Fixed asset inventory and reconciliation are conducted by comparing audit data with the asset register.


We provide comprehensive ticket management, such as SLA tracking and escalations. It also has an interface between asset owners & ticketing solutions like Remedy.

The User-Friendly
Cloud-Based Asset Management Platform

TRAXX is a highly customizable and

browser-based enterprise asset management platform. It leverages advanced web technologies to ensure reliability, stability, and security.


Accessible from any location through the cloud, TRAXX offers a user-friendly interface for seamless procurement & asset management.

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Why Choose RCS?

Dynamic Alert Engine

Our alert engine keeps stakeholders informed and enables efficient management of tasks, including a service scheduler to manage repetitive processes and multiple alerts for different stakeholders.


Receive timely notifications for overdue deliverables and prepare service staff in advance for goods delivery.


Stay updated on approaching compliance

tasks and audits with configurable alerts.

Service Management

Manage service requirements by configuring alerts for approaching periodic maintenance schedules.


service requests


alerts instantly

Mobile-Friendly Interface

RCS Tech (1).png


approve services


User-friendly approvals


Compliance Audit

Conduct audits to assess the health and availability of assets

Evaluate vendor performances through audits

Ensure compliance with SOX, STPI, and SEZ regulations

Perform gap analysis and root cause analysis (RCA)

Our Integrations


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Our Core Values


Customized solutions that cater to individual business processes.


Striving for exceptional performance and delivering high-quality results in all aspects of our work.


Constantly seeking new and creative solutions to drive progress and meet evolving industry demands.


Providing reliable, well-designed software that meets the highest standards of functionality and performance.


The Traxx asset management system was fully implemented as per our specifications and has been rolled out across our sites, pan-India. There were a number of modifications that were required in the system which were specific to our business, and the Traxx team was able to configure and implement the same to our satisfaction.

Newton Lewis

TV18 Broadcast Ltd

The solution is perhaps the best in the industry and manages the entire life-cycle of assets from procurement to disposal. Over and above we have workstation management, lease management, and energy management of all our premises. The Branch visit function provided is also brilliant. Would recommend this solution for companies.

Col Navinder Narang

Head Infrastructure Facilities and ESG



  • What is TRAXX?
    TRAXX provides a holistic view of an organization’s physical assets and infrastructure throughout its entire lifecycle, from design, commission, or procurement, to operation, maintenance, disposal, and replacement.
  • Why is TRAXX better than its competitors?
    TRAXX has pioneered EAM solutions for over 20 years. We are an agile and responsive partner rather than a large corporate, delivering flexibility and a true partnership approach. In contrast to our competitors, rapid deployment of TRAXX products leads to faster ROI, shorter payback, significant quantifiable financial advantages, and reduced project/deployment risk.
  • Can the fixed asset management tool handle different types of assets, such as equipment, vehicles, and buildings?
    Yes, the fixed asset management tool handles different types of assets, such as equipment, vehicles, and buildings.
  • Can your tools integrate with other enterprise systems, such as accounting or ERP software?
    Yes it can integrate with other enterprise systems, such as accounting or ERP software.
  • Why do you need an EAM system?
    EAM system allows businesses to have one place where all their asset information is stored and utilized, communications and appropriate staff access can be streamlined and consolidated whether you are tracking machinery assets, parts, financial assets, facilities management, or even IT devices. Businesses can expect a greater return on investment in your assets, which in turn will free up funds to be used elsewhere when needed, and boost your overall business profitability.
  • How does the onboarding process of TRAXX look like?
    The below outlines the process that TRAXX follows ensures a successful project implementation: Project Commencement Process Design & Configuration Integration Design Integration Build Data Preparation and Load System Integration Testing Standard Operating Procedures Train Users Test & Deploy
  • Is there a limit to the number of users, assets, accessories, or admins we can have?
    No, you can create as many users, assets, locations, and groups if the perpetual license is selected but there are user constraints with the Cloud license.
  • I need help in streamlining my asset management in my organization.
    We have a team of experts who can help in asset labeling, data collection, license management, and designing your asset management policy. You can contact us for help. We would be happy to help you.
  • What does Asset Maintenance involve?
    Effective asset maintenance involves the effective scheduling of maintenance activities so that repairs are planned and carried out in an appropriately timely fashion, assets are available for work activities as often as possible, productivity is continuous and the life and expected operation of the asset is extended. Therefore, a robust approach to asset maintenance will: Pinpoint causes, failures, and redress functionality Offer reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) possibilities Trigger preventative and/or predictive maintenance Generate safety and warning notices automatically Create the possibility for accessibility via the web and mobile options for remote places Link and integrate with project management and asset management systems.
  • Does TRAXX offer training and post-sale support services?
    TRAXX offers a comprehensive range of training to enable customers to optimize their TRAXX knowledge. Training areas include: TRAXX Optimization Administration Maintenance Scheduling Reports Data Loads and Templates Process Design TRAXX’s professional services team has diverse knowledge in a range of Asset Management and IT topics. Speak to our team and we will discuss your needs and provide the best training solution. TRAXX offers its clients a professional support service for all software products where there is a current maintenance agreement in place.
  • What is the pricing model?
    Depending on the individual business requirements we have cloud and on-primise solutions. Our will assess your needs and provide a cost estimate.

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