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Enterprise Procure to Pay System

Dynamic Dashboards and Reports

Since 1999...  Managing millions of Assets

TRAXX is a comprehensive Fixed Assets Management Solution. We are implementing fixed asset management solutions since 1999. TRAXX is the evolution of many thousand man hours of development with feedbacks from some of the best fixed asset managers serving with our esteemed customers like GE, TESCO & HONEYWELL.

CartIQ covers the entire procure to pay processes in simple steps. 

Dashboard and Reports

Our CARTIQ System is an end-to-end solution that encompasses all activities related to purchasing goods and services, including vendor selection, purchase order processing, invoice management, and payment processing. Reports and dashboards are essential tools for monitoring and optimizing purchasing, providing valuable insights into performance metrics, vendor performance, and process efficiency.


Our dashboard provides a real-time view of key metrics and trends. It  is completely customizable, allowing users to select the metrics they want to track and view data by category, vendor, department or any other metric of your choice. Our dashboard can help identify issues or trends quickly and enable stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Purchase Reports

The purchase reports provide an overview of the procurement process, including purchase orders, vendor performance, and contract compliance. Key metrics tracked by default include the number of purchase orders issued, the number of purchases made through preferred vendors, and the percentage of contracts that meet compliance standards at the time of receipt of goods.

Vendor Reports

These reports provide insights into vendor performance and compliance. Key metrics tracked include, PO's generated, RFP/RFQ's sent, pricing, on-time delivery, quality of goods or services, and adherence to contract terms and conditions.

Invoice Reports

These reports provide an overview of invoice processing, including the number of invoices processed, the percentage of invoices processed electronically, and the percentage of invoices paid on time. These metrics can help identify areas for improvement in the invoicing process.

Payment Report

The payment report provides an overview of payment processing, including the number of payments made, the average time to process payments, and the percentage of payments made electronically. These metrics can help identify areas for improvement in the payment process.

Cost Analysis

The purchase report provides a detailed analysis of the costs associated with each purchase. This includes the total cost of each purchase, broken down by category or department, and any additional costs such as shipping or handling fees. This information helps businesses to identify areas where they can reduce costs and optimize their purchasing process.

Auction Report

This report provides a detailed analysis of the auction process, including information on the auction participants, bids, and outcomes.

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Evolution is the best way to

TRAXX is the one of time-tested Asset
Management Systems with its first installation in 1999. This product is an evolution of over ten thousand man hours with feedbacks from some of the best asset managers serving for companies such as Bank of America, Honeywell, Deloitte, E&Y,GE and ANZ. With over 600 installations today, TRAXX is a highly perfected Asset Management Solution.

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